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Exposed 2013 – rezultati

Galleries of awarded images
Section A
Section B
Section C
Section D

Galleries of accepted images
Section A (860/3195)
Section B (789/2709)
Section C (271/984)
Section D (538/2147)

889 authors.
9035 received photos.
The highest possible mark was 27 points, the acceptance limit was 14 points.
The best author is Leszek Paradowski from Poland.


Will be with you shortly…

Jutri pa zares


The opening ceremony will be held in Kamnik on Saturday, February 15, at 7PM. We’ll show some photos, then some more photos, we’ll have sexy dancers and spicy food AND we’ll give out awards to the most successful authors. With a little wine this night can last until morning…

Come and enjoy yourself in our company in Dom kulture Kamnik.

Otvoritev razstave

Opening ceremony will be held on February 15 at 7PM in Dom kulture Kamnik. Welcome!

Exposed 2013 – Navodila

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FIAP 2013/243 | PSA PID (Color, Monochrome) | UPI L130082‐M4G | FZS 12/2013

International salon with 70 awards and 5 star FIAP catalog three years in a row

Closing date: Extended to (including) December 9, 2013!


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